Lily Allen Gets Fingered While Performing! OW!

First off, props to the guy who’s doing that. Secondly, he’s probably developed some bacteria warts on this fingers now. But nonetheless, that’s awesome. I think he was checking to see if Lily still had the landing strip going. If this makes you want to see more of Lily, check out her boobs while you’re at it.

Click for larger version.

  • Boz

    fucking pervert

  • AlinaMaria

    its all fun and games until somebody’s hand falls off.

  • Tha Pancake Kid 22

    Lily’s loving it..anything to make her concerts better eh?

  • Girlswannascrewme

    Lololololol… I wonder if they sniffed afterwards?

  • RockHard

    My HERO …….. wonder if he got it out?

  • Blickerfield93277

    lily looks damn hot… wow, didn’t they need bodyguards for this? totally negative

  • Goliano


  • jennyla


  • ADG

    One could get charged for rape for doing that..

  • Glimmer

    wait a second, there is like three people or so in that pic with cellphones/or whatever.what will the net bring is next?? hmm….

  • hero

    i need to fill up a new wiki article on this.

  • mohamed

    I Pitty The FOol !!

  • becky parle x

    That lad looks like a fuckin pervert, he looks like he is stretchin his arm as much as he can so he can rest his hand in her lap the lil weirdo!
    whats that last comment chattin about gangrene..?

    ..some weird people on this website!