Celebrity Baby Pics: Can You Guess The Celebrity Behind The Pic?

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

We recently got our slimey hands on a few celebrity baby photos, so we’ll let you guys take a stab at guessing which celeb goes with each picture.

Bastardly Gaydar Rating
No worries about the homosexual nature of this task. Since you’re performing this online, it’s really not as gay as it sounds. Now, if you were to meet up at your bro’s house specifically to look over celebrity baby pictures, then it’d be a whole different ball game.

Anyway, each celebrity pic has a number, so make sure you include the number w/ your answer

  • ShareDaddy

    Beyonce is #1
    Jessica Alba is #2
    Brad Pitt is #7

  • Switch

    ….soooo you going to tell us the answers?

  • Even Badder Guesser Troll

    #1 Shelly Winters
    #2 Bob Marley
    #3 Paul Williams
    #4 Will Smith
    #5 Dwayne from What’s Happening.
    #6 Elian Gonzalez
    #7 John Candy / Fatty Arbuckle / W.C. Fields?
    #8 I don’t know, but that baby just learned something aint right.
    #9 Ellen Page taking a shit….My only Serious guess

  • junglegirl

    I should’ve known that was Kim, even as a baby she had a long camel face.

  • Rhonda

    I agree. It looks like her mouth and eyebrows.

  • Rhonda

    I say #1 is Jennifer Lopez and #7 is Matt Damon.

  • Goliano

    #3 – Andy Warhol
    #5 – Beyonce

  • Aisha P

    Im 98% sure that number 2 is Kim Kardashian.

  • Rhonda

    Thank you! I think they were promised over an hour ago.

  • 111

    #2 is kim kardashian…she posted the pic on her blog lol

  • Goliano

    Damn!! Did Kim piss in your corn flakes or somethin’?

  • Attention Whore

    OMG, thats the funniest shit ive read all day

  • Moelicious
  • Attention Whore

    From what ive heard,Kim isnt the one who likes to do the pissing, if you get what i mean *wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more*