BREAKING! Elizabeth Hurley Opens A Beach Store in Belgium!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

These were snapped yesterday at an opening of one of Elizabeth Hurley’s signature beach stores in Maasmechelen Village in Belgium featuring her line of swimwear.

Earlier this month Liz officially filed for divorce from Arun Nayar, citing her ex-husband’s “unreasonable behavior” as the cause. This comes after a separation announced back in December when Liz was romantically linked to Australian cricketer Shane Warne. I wonder what his unreasonable behavior could’ve been?! Maybe he was against Liz’s idea of banging dudes behind his back?

  • Peccavi

    time has been kind…

  • McLady

    I think she looks good for rather mature broad.

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    Wait didn’t her husband cheat on her with that disgusting hooker? And she looks old but she’s till got it.

  • Melzie

    She is finally starting to show a little age. She was in the “what the fuck, how is she doing that” category for a while. But for how damn old she is, she does still look great.

  • Larry Sanders

    She’s older than my mum but I’d do all kinds of bad to her.

    Also the blonde chick.