Morning Pick-Me-Up: VS Hottie Lais Ribeiro Makes Her Debut!!

Photo Credit: WENN

Lais Ribeiro was brought to our attention through the comments in yesterday’s post with the VS Swim 2011 video and today she makes her official debut on the site. Here are a couple shots of Lais from the 2010 VS Fashion Show. Maybe in the future Victoria’s Secret will decide to give her a push as they’ve done with Lily, Erin, and Chanel this year. Read more about Lais here.

Here’s the video once again…

  • Melzie

    Hm, she’s sexy.

  • hermione

    Wow. She is absolutely beautiful.

  • Pardal

    Lais, my chocolate Cupcake, you make me proud!!!!
    But you deserve better than VS.

  • Cat46

    She’s beautiful, but now that someone mentioned her bellybutton I can’t ignore it. lol

  • L.e.t.í.c.i.a

    I LOVE Laís … She is stunning and has such an interesting and exotic beauty … but I always thought she would have more success as a high fashion model than a commercial model …

    Well, let’s see what the future has reserved for her … I think she is going to be huge …

  • The Devil

    Hot damned Brasil!!!!

    I’ma just have to like take a damned cargo plane down there and kidnap all y’all women.

  • Boz

    The force is super strong with this one. I love it.

  • d55

    She’s attractive and actually lives up to her “model” status.