Kara Del Toro vs Tanya Mityushina: “47 Meters Down” Premiere in L.A.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; Kara Del Toro and Tanya Mityushina

When it comes to token hotties at film premieres in Los Angeles, both Kara Del Toro and Tanya Mityushina have pretty much made a career out of it. Considering Kara Del Toro is a regular at these events, I wonder if she charges extra for wearing motor-boat friendly outfits in order to draw more attention to the film? I hope so because she pretty much hits it out of the park with every appearance!

As for the film at hand, “47 Meters Down” is getting promoted as the best shark film since “Jaws,” but hasn’t every shark-centric film over the past 20 years made the same claim? I guess audiences will be the final judge when the film swims into theaters this weekend. Here’s more info:

Lisa and Kate are sisters on vacation in Mexico. They meet up with some local boys who tell them about cage diving for sharks. Lisa is reluctant but Kate convinces her to come along. After the boys cage dive first, it is the girl’s turn. While Lisa and Kate are in the cage, the boat hoist/winch breaks sending them down to the seafloor bottom at 47 meters. This also takes them out of communication range. Kate swims up to 40 meters to resume communications with Taylor who tells her Javier will be coming down with a new winch to pull them up. Read more

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