Australia: Hi-5 Band Member Lauren Brant Shows Off Her Bikini Bod!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know much about this chick b/c before these bikini pics, we hadn’t even heard of her name. According to Wikipedia, Lauren Brant is a member of the band Hi-5, which is an Australian children’s musical group. Judging by the band’s website, it looks like a kid’s TV show you’d see on PBS (check out Lauren’s fan page).

Anyway, these pics were snapped earlier this month (Nov. 19) in Queensland as Lauren had fun on the beach with her boyfriend, “Big Brother” contestant Ed Cherry. The couple weren’t afraid of dishing-out some PDA as they were pretty much having ocean sex in front of nosy members of the paparazzi.

  • The Devil

    She’s cute.

  • Irons

    Tits and she would be beautiful. Pretty sleek anyway.

  • azezeal

    Toned body for sure

  • mooty

    yep she’s hot but that dude she’s with is probably one of the bigger fuckwits this world has seen.. which makes me think she’s up there in the rankings too

  • Cutiie Patootiie

    That guy >_<

  • Cat46

    Great body.

  • JPRichardson

    Great physique…

  • Glimmer

    details on the guy ???

  • RDouble365

    Hot-bodied chick.

  • mooty

    he was on big brother a couple of years ago and thought his shit didn’t stink.. super arrogant, super ignorant thought he was the hottest thing in the world.. one of those dudes that has zero respect for girls and only goes out to get chicks in bed, seems to me dudes like that don’t so much do it cause they like sex more do it to brag to their fuckwit mates about it.. anytime I’ve had a one night stand the sex was pretty shit.. a few weeks in is when the good stuff happens.. maybe I’m just old haha

  • mooty

    oh I forgot the prime example of his toolness..
    Pamela Anderson was a guest into the house, like for dinner and I think she went in again the next day, anyway he fully thought he had a chance, then when she left she gave them all a hug and he grabbed her on the arse in front of everyone.. I hate cunts like that
    haha end rant