Cabo: Not-As-Blurry Jessica Alba Post-Pregnancy Bikini Pics!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren continued their Mexico vacation in Cabo San Lucas with Jessica once again showing off her post-pregnancy bod. This time the paparazzi got a bit more clearer shots of Jessica giving us a view of the results of many personal training sessions after having given birth to her second daughter, Haven, back in August. And as usual we must reiterate, DAAAAAAAMN YOU CAAAAASH WARRRRRREN!!!!!

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    It’s a shame her make and model was probably a one time occurrence.

  • Irons

    Bounces back fast don’t she.

  • nybiggs

    She just had a baby, but her body is better than his.

  • spangly

    She looks fab in these pics. I like the nipples against the sexy satiny fabric too!

  • azezeal


  • Agent666

    I don’t know why people are critical of her personality–she seems warm and nice in interviews, and looks very maternal with her daughters. Alba is also physical perfection (even nice hands), and a decent actress and even dancer. Sadly, she does have one thing wrong with her: appalling taste in men. Cash Warren is a plain-looking, flabby philanderer, with hardly any money, or talent. Why could she not have married, say, Paul Walker, instead?

  • Cat46

    My god. I’m going to sulk now.

  • Larry Sanders

    Never liked her much. Still don’t.

  • LaLa

    Consistently pretty. She will always look good. Aways.