Claudia Romani Hottest Darts Player In The History Of Darts

Claudia Romani

Our friend of the site, Italian glamour model Claudia Romani, did a fun photoshoot playing a game of darts at a pub in Miami Beach… wearing pink lingerie. We do have to give her a hard time, though, because being the proud healthy-eating vegetarian she is (proof is in that sexy body) we can’t imagine her taking down those fries with all that ketchup and beer. It got us to remember the Bastardly Mercado category, you know, the one where we point out food items that should but mostly shouldn’t be eaten by hot chicks. Yes, we’re shallow like that. Fries and beer, definitely on the Bastardly Mercado Don’t Eat That list. Yes Claudia, next photoshoot, you and a head of lettuce, that’s all you need.