Lily-Rose Depp, Ellie Bamber, and Sistine Stallone Spice Up A Chanel Event in Tokyo

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; Sistine Stallone, Lily-Rose Depp, Ellie Bamber

Lily-Rose Depp, Ellie Bamber, and Sistine Stallone were on hand at the CHANEL Metiers D’art Collection Paris Cosmopolite show at the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club in Tokyo, Japan earlier in the week. I’ll be honest, Ellie Bamber really caught our eye from event. She’s a 20-year-old actress from Surrey, England who most recently starred in the British-American comedy horror film “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.”

As for the other two, both are daughters of famous Hollywood celebrities (Sylvester Stallone and Johnny Depp). I don’t want to jump to conclusions and say they have it completely easy, but let’s face it, they have it completely easy!

165886, Sistine Stallone attends the CHANEL Metiers D’art Collection Paris Cosmopolite show at the Tsunamachi Mitsui Club. Tokyo, Japan – Wednesday May 31, 2017. USA ONLY Photograph: ©, PacificCoastNews. Los Angeles Office (PCN): +1 310.822.0419 UK Office (Avalon): +44 (0) 20 7421 6000 FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE

  • IamLegend

    I just do not get Depp’s strange bug eyed kid. Daddy’s money is all I see there!

  • Lenilovesfeet

    I like Ellie!

    • IamLegend

      OK if she gets a little color to her pasty face.

  • Curvefan+

    no x 3

  • Jahrgos

    I voted ellie only because I don’t know that her parents name got her there.
    Plus I think she’s cuter of the three, even the pasty white. Depp disrant third .

    • Spanglylovesheels

      We are all living through a big uptick in out in the open nepotism in this country. I am not naive. It has always gone on but it was another of those things that was often done in a more subtle way. Now it seems to be open season. This is not a good trend. One of the things that always distinguished America from so many other countries was that we were the land of opportunity where hard work could take anyone up to a higher class. But this is obviously not as true anymore. Everytime we see one of these Hollywood brats in a modeling job or an acting job, that is a job that has been taken away from some more deserving, hard working model or actor that has put in their dues. SMH

  • Amari

    Ellie has potential but i don’t care for her atm. Mini-Depp looks creepier than usual, even the Stallone sister looks better.