Beauty @ the 'Soul Plane' Premiere

Now we have Mr. Scoop Dogg w/ his little boys. They even have purple colored shoelaces for God’s sake. A little indulgent? Yes, but who cares!
Meet K.d Aubert. I’m speechless at her dress (or the part of her dress that she bothered to put on). In the clothing industry, there is a fine-fine line between sexy & skanky. This definitely falls in the sexy category. She’s sporting her beautiful smile & a near perfect shine on her milk-chocolate skin that you simply want to unwrap and…(I’ll end it there). In my rating book, she’s a definite 8.5 @ first look. There is potential for more!
Say hi to Ms. Angell Conwell. I’d make her my angel any day. (Ok, that was a bad line.) Obviously, Ms. Conwell gives the word ‘voluptuous’ a whole new meaning. Moreover J-Lo and every other actress/model who try to fill similar dresses @ premieres and award shows must learn a little from Angell. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence & style to sport such dress. Her beautiful smile adds another 1.5 points to her score of a whopping 8.75! You go girl!