“Blade Runner 2049” Star Ana de Armas Needs More Big Roles!

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At least we hope that’s the case! And lucky for her Ana, creepy douchebags like Harvey Weinstein won’t have anything to do with her success—or at least, we think that’s the case! Having said that, let’s face it, there are countless others in the deep-pocketed, creepy producer/director/actor community lurking in Hollywood, so it’s not exactly safe to assume that the entertainment biz is completely clean! Certainly it’s cleaner, but far from sparkling! The rules of the game may change, but people in power will always manipulate the less powerful to get what they want.

Apologies for the slight digression. Let’s turn our attention to Ana De Armas. These photos were snapped at an event showcasing rising stars over the weekend as part of the 7th Annual Napa Valley Film Festival. Ana Recently struck gold with a role in the critically acclaimed “Blade Runner 2049,” which is currently in theaters. You can read more about the actress on her Wiki and follow her on Instagram.