Body Double: Carmella DeCesare & Eva Longoria

Since we’re going down for a bit, I figured I’d leave a sweeter memory. What could be sweeter than a Eva Slutwhoria & PMOY Carmella DeCasare. It appears as if Carmella recently snorted one too many lines of coke @ a Playboy par-taaay & decided to get implants. It’s also possible she’s boning a plastic surgeon & he gave her the upgrades for free, but regardless, what the fuck?! Why is it that women rush to ruin perfect boobs?

Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to the body double @ hand. Actually, let me make one more point. Even though both these women have slept with almost half of Hollywood (Eva probably more than Carms), I wouldn’t mind spending a night (or two) w/ the two (together, of course). I just have to remember to double bag my goodies before diving into either tunnel of love.

Ok, now for the body double. You have to be blind to not notice that Carmella is trying to ride the whored-out Eva wave. Carms should just star in a pornified Desperate Housewives already. What could be some possible porno names for the new flick? Don’t think too hard, now.

For eye-candy purposes, here’s a small collection of photos showin’ off Carmella’s new boobsies! I have to admit, she looks super hot!!

See you in a couple weeks, my lovelies!