Huevos De Oro (Golden Balls) & Bastardly Updates

Golden Balls

Total tragedy! If you don’t mind…

1. Subtitles
2. Spain
3. Naked latinas
4. A dumbass character who you just want to strangle
5. And, a tragic ending

…then this flick is for you. Top to bottom, it’s pretty solid & explores many of our inherent weaknesses including greed, our insatiable sexual hunger & complete, utter selfishness. Check it!

Bastardly Updates – Polls!
Polls are fun (right?), so we’re gonna experiment with them once a month. If you have any suggestions in terms of what type of things we should poll, please comment below or send us an email. The funnier the better! At this point, the polls will be a monthly endeavor & at the end of each period I’ll post up the results for further bullshitting.