Adriana Lima – ELLE Magazine, Italy – June 2008

Victoria Lets Secrets Out Again

CBS just made the day of America’s men, revealing that it once again will air the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this fall.

Which means there’s still time to order HDTV.

This year’s lingerie-clad catwalkers—which so far include Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Marisa Miller and Miranda Kerr—will strut their holiday-themed stuff from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach resort. E!Online

  • coji

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  • HereIambaby

    She is really sexy.

  • Oliver1414

    Still number 1 🙂 Miss Hotness herself …

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    btw the shoes on pg 5…FIYAH. If I were a woman for a day the only thing I’d do would be to find those, buy those, and strutt my stuff in those.

  • d55

    so you’re Turkish huh? Who the fuck do you think you’re telling me where i should stay or not. Bitch, get the fuck outta here. That country is mine as much as it’s yours and chances are, I will contribute to it more than your bitter ass will within the next 20 years

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  • pstroyer

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  • d55

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  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    She is more than a woman, a goddess for all to see.

  • d55

    why are the hot pix in black and white?! black and white is for uglies!

  • Danny69

    # 10,
    pfft no…unless her breasticles are deformed. it’s a crease in her shirt.

    anyways, she is incredibly beautiful
    why was she not on the maxim 100???
    britney spears gets in but not adriana!!! and allessandra and miranda.

  • oluja

    is that a full right nipple on the bottom pic p11?

  • Holy Fucking Shit Son

    sweet jesus that was hot. now excuse me while i make a run to the bathroom with a bottle of jergens and a box of kleenex

  • Wow

    God damn. It’s amazing that she can look good from every single angle. I find it odd that people say she has “bad teeth”. They seem pretty perfect to me

  • coji


    black and white pics are supposed to be classy not for uglies what a dumb comment!!
    I think she past her prime she looks beautiful in those pictures but it’s photoshopped her recent candids show the truth about her face.
    She is not going to age well like all the other topmodels.

  • EiriniRK™

    I find her simply… GORGEOUS!! <3

  • helmut
  • d55

    shut up…i dont write my comments worrying it will sound stupid or not to you…people look much better in black and white and black and white makes uglies look much better.

  • d55

    15 is a bitter bitch owned by 17

  • Mr. Sinister

    Hell id go to war for some Adriana Lima,call me crazy

  • Anonymoose

    Perfection personified.

  • Elvira Amritha

    Eat that, all you bastardly haters who kept saying she was “past her prime” and “getting chubby/fat”.
    She was and still is gorgeous.

  • d55
  • coji

    Did you see the Bill Clinton pics? and the ones with her boyfriend and fans?
    Adriana is not what she used to be.Her face looks weird/not fresh now.
    You have nothing to prove to me i think she lost it so the link you posted is useless.

  • Flake

    Nice hair and skin. I like page 5 pic 1 the best.
    She looks good in some photos and in others she looks OK. Wish she would do more expressions.