Allegra Versace Is Still Anorexic. God Damn!

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These were snapped @ the Fashion Group International’s 25th Annual Night of Stars honoring the Alchemists at Cipriani Restaurant in NYC.

To tell you the truth, I’m actually not too shocked at this painful sight. With all the Versace models running around her, just think of the amount of pressure this chick must have to bare day in & day out just to look hot & skinny. If it wasn’t for her ultra lavish lifestyle, I’d almost feel sorry for her.

Anyway, here’s a lil’ more info:

Allegra Versace (born in Milan on June 30, 1986) is the daughter of designer Donatella Versace and ex-male fashion model Paul Beck.

Allegra was educated at a British school in Milan, and attended Brown University in Rhode Island.

Allegra has appeared emaciated for several years, speculating rumors of an eating disorder. In March 2007, her parents released a joint statement that Allegra was in treatment for anorexia. [3] She has attended UCLA for inpatient treatment. [Wiki]

  • omklayla

    the arm to hand ratio is blowing my mind. tiny, tiny arms…huge huge hands! Weeeeeeeird

  • She

    I would let Getty fuck my brains out, he is so fucking hot !!!!! daaamn im horny now….

  • Purple Hands

    Look how giant her hands look compared to her body. And her hands are purple like a corpse. That’s some fucked up shit there.

  • Mike Litoris

    She should wear black, it’s more slimming.

  • SaSSy_VietNamE

    If you like this, then you’re a sick freak and should get some help like

  • Ben

    Man, this chick is so hot, I can barely contain myself from jumping her bones.

  • concubine

    what a fatass



  • SaSSy_VietNamE

    I just think she’s ugly and she’s clearly doing this for attention. Dumb whore. Her mommy knows this.

  • yuppers

    ^ Exactly. There are many small boned and petite women that are naturally zero, double zero, and smaller. Someone 5’6” and above isn’t as likely to naturally be a zero, but some individuals are genuinely that small.

  • the kitten

    omg that is terrifying. shes like a walking corpse. didnt anyone else notice how her hands and fingers are BLUE?? i guess cause shes always cold since she has no body fat to keep warm. she is going to die. she shouldnt be going out to events, she should be in a hospital

  • Greaser Greg

    This bitch is just one puke and two shits away from being perfect.

  • Bellezza Italiana

    how sad I hope she overcomes this

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    looks like her stomach is filled with air, dust, and a random wondering tumble weed. i bet her stomach was growling through out the whole night. shit must have sounded like a lion in a headlock.

  • McPerv

    What the fuck are her mother and boyfriend (?) doing? They need to take her to a hospital, not pose on the red carpet.

  • Bolt Uprite

    Looks like Balthazar Getty is angling for a closetful of Versace wear. That would be like riding a 10-speed over railroad tracks.

  • no comment

    you know, if designers don’t make clothes for plus sized people, i don’t think they should make them for people that are this small either. there should not be a size zero readily available at stores and by big name designers. just like plus sized women have to go to special plus sized stores, people this sickly looking and skinny should not be able to go to a normal store and find clothes to fit.

  • twinkle

    but not all girls who are size zero are anorexic.. allegra is like a size 000.

  • bsunny

    Whoever said a size zero is anorexic is wrong! I’m a 5’5″ and a size zero and there is nothing anorexic about me. Sure i’m skinny, but a natural, healthy skinny.

  • Jackie

    Does anyone else think it’s ironic that this event was held at a Restaurant!?!

  • SaSSy_VietNamE


  • Old looking bitch

    She was born in 1986?!? WTF?!?! She looks 35 in these photos, not 22!

    Stupid bitch as half a billion dollars to her name, goddamnit. I will take that money and spend it on awesome stuff while this stupid anorexic bitch starves herself to death. God DAMN! How do I get on her will??

  • 50

    ugly or not, i dont think she would do that for attention thats a bit on the far end dont you think

  • Frost

    God. Her hand looks huge compared to her arm on page 4.

    This is what happens form is emphasized over function. Can’t say I feel bad for her since her mom and her peers are the ones allowing this to happen when they can change things, like keeping underweight models off the runway.


    That’s it…

  • just a girl

    this might sound crazy, but i sometimes find Donatella beautiful. she just has that somethingg. maybe the luxury? maybe the billions? maybe that spark i jsut cant put my finger on. i dont think she is as bad as people say. Allegra. well i always found her really pretty. sure shes on the skinny side. but if i had her luxury id be her size too. maybe id even switch with Donatella too. really. she isnt that bad when you have her cash to spend. im a little jealous inside right now. fuck. lmao. waking up in Paris or Italy in designer sheets every morning it soo worth to look like Donatella V. plus that lovely name, Versace. i want her luxxxxxxxxxxxxxurioussss lifestyle so badly. 🙁

  • hehe

    What a chubster face she has there !!

  • jhonatan milk

    don’t make fun of sikness, this is not bastard, is just mean

  • Leni

    The guy who holds her has dirty fingernails, nasty.
    As for her, well, her make up looks good.

  • Nian

    She’s beautiful, she’s got nice cheekbones and body. She’s rich and you’re jealous.

  • sandra

    Im not going to say anything mean becase I feel to sorry for her, and despite the fact that shes always been skinny her face has always been kind of pretty

  • Ben

    I was being sarcastic.
    If someone finds this remotely attractive, you’re right they do have issues.
    I think it’s gross and sad.

    p.s. just realized I made a slight pun with jump her BONES.

    • infinity

      What a dick.