Shauna Sand Topless Bikini Photos w/ New Boyfriend in Malibu

Yeah, yeah, I know we don’t necessarily post nudity on the site, I mean, with the exception of Vanessa Hudgens’ hairy bush and Audrina Patridge’s “leaked nude photos”, but for Shauna Sand and her fake titties, I’m making another exception. I mean, atleast we’re not looking at her stinky snatch or anything.

Anyways, surprisingly Shauna is photographed on the beach without her stripper heels! Remember the last time we saw her bikini pics in Miami Beach with her boyfriend at the time? Yeah, those bikini pics probably made you all puke and these are no exception. However, if she didn’t already make you puke after looking at those photos when she bought a new pair of prostitute shoes, then here’s your chance to catch up with everyone else.

Yeah, these photos are pretty much NSFW.

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