Shauna Sand Topless Bikini Photos w/ New Boyfriend in Malibu

Yeah, yeah, I know we don’t necessarily post nudity on the site, I mean, with the exception of Vanessa Hudgens’ hairy bush and Audrina Patridge’s “leaked nude photos”, but for Shauna Sand and her fake titties, I’m making another exception. I mean, atleast we’re not looking at her stinky snatch or anything.

Anyways, surprisingly Shauna is photographed on the beach without her stripper heels! Remember the last time we saw her bikini pics in Miami Beach with her boyfriend at the time? Yeah, those bikini pics probably made you all puke and these are no exception. However, if she didn’t already make you puke after looking at those photos when she bought a new pair of prostitute shoes, then here’s your chance to catch up with everyone else.

Yeah, these photos are pretty much NSFW.

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  • Duuh

    Gaaawwwd -Damnnn!!! Fugly Douchebag Photoshoot…

    them nipples look like stickers!!

    Plastic face, plastic boobies, plastic nipples… might very well catch up barbie doll..

  • Glimmer

    i like the younger guy factor…

  • john

    she’s like an ancient Egyptian god: a human body and the head of some hideous beast or animal
    perhaps she is Plastina the goddess of plastic

  • Rach_86

    my my, she looks so smart & educated :~}

  • Leni

    so fucking ugly, nasty hair, nasty face, I can’t stand that woman.

  • Player

    Wow this is a new guy that she is doin. Good for her they look like theya are so in love…Next

  • bettylicous

    Her skin looks so damaged… for the sun maybe… She needs another boob job cuz those look very weird, and a new face… her nose!!! disgunsting… heavy make up… GOD!!! she is simply… horrible! trashy…an attetion whore… I need more adjetives…help!

  • d55

    I LMAO ed @ “she’s like an ancient Egyptian god: a human body and the head of some hideous beast or animal”


  • Sasss

    Wait here, let me go puke my lunch…. I insist, someone have to dump this bitch in an acid pool, dissolve her!

  • lady a


  • chin creases

    nasty as fuck, waste of space, please die you horrible, ugly fake and plastic bitch.

  • Big Papi

    Americans with chinese tattoos are morons. Ooh, their chinese symbols are soooo kewl!! Please. For all they know it spells, “Hi, I’m a fucking faggot”.

  • dorkus2

    you hit it right on the head…and so should someone to this piece of work. Cut the head off, start all over.

  • Mathieu

    M.I.L.Filicious? More like F.I.L.T.H.Y.licious..

  • sandman

    anyone noticed how big her MOUTH is? as long as she gives good head, that’s all that matters… and, those legs are actually not bad, but forget the rest from the waist up.

  • Ugly Model1

    I see no ads in my browser, is that a bug?

  • Rumpelforeskin

    this is nauseating from start to finish. She might find she can actually move around much better without the plastic shoes. And the plastic tits.

  • network

    I would still do her, and you would too, or else u the gay.

  • MIles

    WTF guys?? Are you guys blind?? Shauna is so fucking beautiful and perfect in her face and her body!!! OMFG!! FLAWLESSNESSS!!!!!!!! What a lucky motherfucker that guy is!! Shauna Sand truly brings sexy back and those poses are so fucking hot. Excuse it’s time for me to jizz all over my laptop from Shauna!! WOWWWWWWW