Bikini Pics!! Z-Lister Ramona Nitu on a Sugar Daddy Prowl in Miami Beach!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Hey, if you got brains, you do well on your SATs & go to an Ivy League school to earn big bucks. And, if you’re extremely hot and somewhat intelligent, you attack a deep-pocketed shark in order to live a sugar-daddy-funded lifestyle of luxury. Ya, it’s kinda cheap, what hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet in these difficult economic times! OW!

Sadly, when it comes to Ramona Nitu, she might be pretty hot, but things aren’t exactly up to par in the intelligence department. This chick got wasted at a club one night & slept with “Jersey Shore” man-whore Vinny Guadagnino. For the record, Vinny slept with Snooki since being on the show, so Ramona definitely needs to do a lil’ better next time.

Just learn from Elisabetta Gregoraci & Victoria Silvstedt!! Anything’s possible, damn it!!

  • FoxyRoxy

    I’ve seen more feminine trannies.

  • d55

    haha look at her neck. It’s as long and wide/thick as her face. You can fit another face where her neck is.

  • lu__89

    HAHAHA exactly what i was thinking.

  • sweetndsour

    She’s CLEARLY a tranny

  • Adi m

    Why you have to hate that all you guys do
    Just say it so got what u dont and you wish you did