Dublin: Shocker! Georgia Salpa’s Sisters Emma Jane & Holly Are Also Hot

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Georgia Salpa’s currently doing a lot of promotional events for the launch of her new range of nail & eyelash supplies, so yesterday following an event at the Residence Club in Dublin, the beautiful model showed her family some love with a few photos.

It’s fairly obvious the hotness runs in the family, but I think it’s safe to say that it would really suck to have an extremely hot sisters—especially if you’re a young teenager who has to suffer through A) watching older dudes all over your hot sisters & B) avoiding the temptation to have a crush on your own sister, as gross as that might sound. The only positive is that you’ll get access to their hot friends in a few years and how bad can that be, right? OW!

Photo Credit: WENN

Here are a few bikini photos that were recently taken in Spain. We’re still trying to find the source:
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