More Bikini Pics! Random Dudes Try To Woo Candice Swanepoel in Miami

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

These photos are an addition to the ones we posted yesterday. As you guys know, there’s a mad rush to Miami Beach over the past 16 hours after countless dudes got word that Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel is currently prancing around South Beach in her bikini with her longtime boyfriend Hermann Nicoli. The 23-year-old model is finally taking sometime off from working her mojo in front of cameras & enjoying a luxurious couple days in Miami.

  • Noah

    what the fuck is candace doing out parading around on a beach witht the general public. is she out of her mind??

  • Noah

    P.S. If I were to see her on a beach, I would be a blubbering idiot (as I am whenever I talk to hot girls generally).

  • Atheist

    She has a nice butt.


    i always love this picture and dreaming about this every night!