Bai Ling Impromptu Bikini Photoshoot at Waikiki Beach!!

Bai LingPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Our favorite Bai Ling is currently on location in beautiful Waikiki as she films for an upcoming episode of Hawaii 5-O but took time for an impromptu bikini photoshoot as only Bai could do. Since it’s Bai you know we had to hit up to get some more deep insight from Bai as only Bai could do. Remember folks, she’s 45 years old and still rockin’ that bikini bod.

You know we all choose healthy food to eat, but we forgot the simple but yet the most important element in our life, that is: TO SELECT HEALTHY&GOOD THOUGHTS TO THINK.

to select healthy thoughts to think, this is more important than select what to eat, but worried all the time, worry about others, and how others would think of us and judge us, but we don’t know those worries age us, make us look worried, yes our body and our look shows represent our inner world, if you are happy peaceful and acceptance of life’s 4 seasons, ups and downs, happiness and sadness, then you will look gracefully comfortable and beautiful, because you are then become part of nature’s rhythm and beauty, other wise we look worried and nervous that will show on our body and looks. [Read More]