Sign Of The Apocalypse: Nicholas Sparks Bringing His Brand of Tearjerking to the Small Screen in THREE TV Dramas

“The projects position Sparks as the rare novelist to translate success as a best-selling author into a broad development slate that includes both book adaptations and original material.”[THR]

The Notebook? Please. The Vow? Hiss. The Lucky One? Spit. Nights In Rodanthe? GROAN.

Okay, so Nicholas Sparks’s brand of tearjerk-y sentimental and sappy love stories are not my cup of tea (that’s putting it mildly). But clearly audiences the world over disagree, and have helped make his movies (always about a wayward female needing to be saved by an equally wayward male in Burberry sweaters) successes at the box office. Which is why The World’s Worst Writer has struck a deal to write and develop three separate television series for TNT, ABC, and (of course) Lifetime.

The three shows are being pitched as a modern retelling of the Romeo and Juliet love saga, a post-Civil War family drama, and the televised version of Sparks’s novel A Bend in the Road. Check out the article for more details on the upcoming romantic dramas.