BREAKING!! Lana Del Rey Avoids Puddle As She Goes Up London Curb!

Cute American singer Lana Del Rey seen taking time to greet her fans many of whom brought flowers and gifts while arriving to the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London

Lana Del Rey was seen showing her fans some love as she arrived at the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London for an interview. She was greeted with loyal fans who brought flowers & gifts for the New York City-born 26-year-old, up & coming singer. Lana was wearing blue jeans & showed off two regrettable tattoos on her hands (not pictured), one reading “Trust no one” and the other saying “Paradise,” which is the name of her new album.

So, who the hell banished this chick to Europe b/c I haven’t seen her doing much promotional work on this side of the pond for a while now. I guess it’s easier for Lana to strike lucrative marketing deals over in Europe than it is in the US. Earlier this summer she modeled & recorded a cover version of the popular 195s anthem “Blue Velvet” for H&M’s 2012 Autumn Campaign. A couple months back, Jaguar execs announced that the singer would endorse their new F-Type coupe, which she unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in September. Jaguar’s marketing exec explained that Lana had a “unique blend of authenticity and modernity” and that was the reason behind choosing her. At first I thought she was all music, all the time, but judging by these marketing deals, that’s obviously not the case.