MILAN: Lana Del Rey & Melissa George – Both Very Sexy at the Versace Fashion Show

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Pictured: Lana Del Rey & Melissa George

For all you poor robots out there, Milan Fashion Week is going down right now in Italy, so naturally, a lot of deep pockets are catwalking through various fashion shows at all times of the day. Of course, yesterday’s Versace show was no exception as it is always one of the highlights of any Fashion Week. Aside from fashion industry big-doggs like Anna Wintour meticulously analyzing each dress from her spot in the front row, singer Lana Del Rey & model Melissa George caught our eye as two of the sexiest ladies in attendance. What’s up with Lana these days anyway? Did she relocate from the U.S. to Europe or what? And, does she have a follow-up hit to ‘Video Games’.

Oh yeah, Janet Jackson was also there w/ her billionaire sugar daddy, Wissam Al Mana.

Milan Fashion Week - Versace Show

Pictured: Wissam Al Mana & Janet Jackson. We should note that these two have a $20 million wedding planned for this spring and rumor has it that Janet would receive $500 million if the couple ever divorced after five years, as apart of prenuptial agreements. I think that might be a better deal than Beyonce’s prenup w/ Jay-Z.

  • lordvandy

    I swear Janet looks like the Predator in this pic…

  • Nobodysfaultbutmine

    Where has the sexy Melissa George been hiding?
    Lana looks good with dark hair, but those huge hands!

  • jimbo 77

    Always wanted to shag melissa, shes the 2nd hottest australian behind only holly valance!

  • skilligan

    I like the darker hair on Lana, Melissa George is way underrated

  • RoxyGilmour

    Uh no, really not digging the dyed black hair, it looks way too harsh and unnatural on her.

  • Queenofthegasstation

    yeah she now lives in UK (she said it when she won her 2nd BRIT!) I think she’s releasing songs & touring only in Europe.