Shauna Sand Catwalks Around Venice Beach in her Clear Platform Heels

Shauna Sand Shows Off Her Bikini Body

Think what you want, but when it comes to consistency, Shauna Sand has everyone beat! The woman has her unique style and she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks—regardless of whether she’s with her daughters or in the company of one of her sugar babies.

The former Playboy Playmate showed off her bikini body as she catwalked around Venice Beach in her clear platform heels. Shauna could be seeing chatting it up with some young dudes at the beach.

Shauna Sand Shows Off Her Bikini Body 1a

  • skilligan

    she looks the same as she did a decade + ago, not sure if it’s a good idea

  • curvefan

    What a shame that body is orchestrated by such a whack job brain.

  • johnconnor777

    I have to acknowledge she is is an innovator: I don’t think anybody else goes to the beach on heels…