Maggie Grace Films “Taken 3” in Downtown Los Angeles

Maggie Grace filming "Taken 3"

Yup, if you like seeing Liam Neeson save the day all over again, Hollywood sequel machine is currently cooking up ‘Taken 3’ and judging by the box-office trend, we might be seeing a fourth and fifth film, assuming Liam Neeson isn’t wheelchair bound by then, of course.

We should note that the first two films in the series have earned roughly $600 million and considering the combined production budget for the films was $70 million, that’s an amazing return for the big-dogg-producers.

As for Maggie Grace, let’s hope this latest script calls for a vacation scene featuring Maggie showing off her bikini body. A bedroom scene would also go a long way in keeping die-hard ‘Taken’ fans entertained.