Anne Hathaway Promotes Her Latest Film “The Intern” In NYC

Anne HathawayPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Looks like Anne Hathaway is back to work her A-game on the screen again. The 32-eyar-old actress hit the red carpet last night at the premiere of her latest film “The Internet” held at the famed Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC. She was accompanied by her hubby, sugar baby & prized personal minion Adam Shulman (oops, we’ll get photos of you next time, Adam). Aside from Anne, the premiered featured a few other ladies who caught our eye. And oh yeah, Mariah Carey & her Aussie billionaire boyfriend James Packer were also on hand.

The $35-million film features Robert De Niro and Anne as the leads, with supporting performances by Adam DeVine, Nat Wolff, Christina Scherer, Anders Holm, and Zack Pearlman. De Niro in another comedy?! This just can’t be good, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see what people think. As for the plot, here’s more from the film’s Wiki: “Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the founder and CEO of a fashion based e-commerce company, agrees to a community outreach program where a senior, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), will intern at the firm.”

Hannah Marks, Chloe Bridges adn Wallis Currie-WoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Hannah Marks, Chloe Bridges adn Wallis Currie-Wood

Earlier this morning, the tireless Anne Hathaway was up early making the promotional rounds ahead of the film’s release on Friday. Here she is leaving her hotel to make an appearance on the AOL Build show

Anne Hathaway seen leaving a Hotel in NYC for an appearance on the AOL Build Show in NYCPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

'The Intern' New York PremierePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

  • lenilovesfeet

    Chloe looks sexy, love her hair.

  • Guy_Incognito

    I love Anne, but her dress is hideous.

  • Drew_Monetz

    Wow, you’ve never liked Chloe.
    You love it, don’t you? Haha!

  • lenilovesfeet

    She was an awkward looking teenager, definitely looks better with age.

  • Drew_Monetz

    She grew into her lips.
    She’s so exotic and sexy. Her eye brows need some work, though. Too much of a high arch.

  • Drew_Monetz

    Anne’s dress is terrible, but she still manages to look good.

  • Backwoodsman


  • Drew_Monetz

    Wallis has a pretty smile.

  • Dinodan

    I’ll take the always exotic looking Chloe!!

  • curvefan

    I have always been a fan of Anne.  I normally don’t like pale skin but she makes it work.  Besides, the rumor whether true or false about her loving anal opened more back doors than all the locksmiths in the country.

  • Jose86

    This is the sexiest I’ve seen Anne Hathaway look since:

  • Jose86
  • Mack Power

    No Chloe doesn’t hehe 🙂 !!!

  • IamLegend_2000

    and there just “had” to be a pic of Mimi and the chin in  there too….blea!

  • Spanglylovesheels

    lenilovesfeet My eyes went to Chloe too. Forgot her last name. I could take or leave Anne.

  • nrkey

    These wouldn’t even make the F-list. Especially Chloe Bridges who looks retarded.