• Lenilovesfeet

    Elle is the definition of “feminine”.

  • Curvefan+

    Kimberley for me because this is under that dress.


  • Jahrgos

    Ahh. I missed kimberley. If only she had the legs on display.

  • John Connor

    I saw on amazon prime this movie “neon demon”, pretty crappy movie but this lady almost made invisible other models there… even Taylor Hill had a small role there, some nice naked bodies but unfortunately not hers

    • Gabbo

      Funny enough, these pics made me go watch Neon Demon since it was at last year’s Cannes. It was a vapid shallow movie about vapid shallow people. Disappointing from this director.

      • John Connor

        the only thing I liked of the movie is the art direction/photography… quite weird and a bit boring, not particularly well acted either… and neither Taylor Hill or Elle Fanning shows any skin

        • Gabbo

          Yeah, pretty sure they needed a lead that was actually going to be naked at some point. I did like the last 10 minutes though, but agree it was lame otherwise.

  • super secret

    Kimberly’s hotter but not in these pics.