Bella Thorne Continues Wild Streak; Hangs With Ex-boytoy Gregg Sulkin

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Oh boy, if they didn’t make a condom run at Walgreens after grabbing breakfast together yesterday in Los Angeles, I would’ve given Bella Thorne the benefit of the doubt. But let’s face it, when you dress like that to meet up with your ex-boyfriend, I think it’s safe to assume that Bella had a little more than just breakfast on her mind! The seemingly happy couple were seen heading back to their car after hitting up a local Walgreens following breakfast.

So, what’s going on Bella these days anyway? In interviews she gives the sense that’s she a tomboyish girl looking to have fun, but then the signals get all mixed up once you see her daily flood of Snapchat selfies and fly-by-night relationships with reputable douche bags (Scott Disick). Any of you have theories as to what’s motivating Bella to portray such a wild image of herself? If anything, she seems like a train wreck in progress, which is very sad since we’ve seen a number of similar wrecks in the past.

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