Emily Ratajkowski Needs A Role On HBO’s “Westworld” Series

Photo Credit: Instagram

Even though I need to re-watch the series a few more times to fully understand what exactly happened in the first season, I’ve understood enough to say with confidence that fans of the series wouldn’t mind at all if Emily Ratajkowski brought her acting skills to the show! She already somewhat resembles one of those sex-toy manequeins you might find showcased in some shady third-floor showroom in Tokyo’s Akihabara district, so HBO makeup artist would save a lot of time getting Emily ready for showtime.

The 26-year-old model showed off her style earlier today at the Dior fashion show in Paris. We’re including a few pics we found on Twitter and Instagram.

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  • Brandon Hanks

    Dam with that look Emily Ratajkowski could stop men in their tracks

  • Lenilovesfeet

    White bustier dress’ cups are 3 sizes too small 🙂

    • Spanglylovesheels

      Now you are just being picky. 😛

  • Drew Mcfriend

    Now this is how a model should look – a great body with an exotic face.

  • Amari

    She actually looks pretty here.

  • IamLegend

    Why is the “Handicapped” symbol on that window? Are they expecting to bring those in wheelchairs & on crutches in thru that window?

  • McP

    Body: 10
    Face: 10!

    • Lenilovesfeet

      Body: 10
      Face: 10! (on a scale 1-20) ha!
      I do like her coloring, big brown eyes are always a yes.

      • Amari

        A 5? Even i would say she’s an 8 from the front here. 😛

        • Lenilovesfeet

          Emily can look pretty. Let’s not forget about her smile and profile though, she may be exotic looking to some, that does not equal good looking. I really think people give her a pass for having an exceptionally good body.

          • Spanglylovesheels

            She is a goony bird looking thing but with the right makeup and lighting she looks good. From head on or rear that is. Profile continues to be a problem. Her likeability also helps her popularity.

  • Spanglylovesheels

    Yes I agree wholeheartedly Moe. She could play a robot with ease.