Kim Kardashian Uses Bikini Booty To Redirection Attention Back On Herself

Photo Credit: PageSix, See more photos

The 36-year-old reality TV powerhouse gave photogs an eyeful when she recently hit a Malibu beach in a skimpy string bikini.

Kardashian and her assistant Stephanie Shepherd (who confessed she’s packing pepper spray after the reality star was robbed in Paris last year) seemed to have the entire beach to themselves as the pals strolled through the waves and lay out on a blanket. Source

Looks like Kim was feeling a little neglected after news dropped on Friday that Kylie is pregnant with rapper Travis Scott’s baby. If that wasn’t enough, Tyga fanned the flames of doubt by claiming the unborn golden child is actually his, so who knows what’s going on at this point. With the raging winds of Kardashian-family-fueled drama swirling around the Internet, Kim Kardashian felt it was once again her turn for the spotlight so she put on the hoochiest-bikini she could find her closet and hit the beach with a friend. We’ll let the photos do the talking…