Hope Hicks Is Donald Trump’s 29-Year-Old Communications Director

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Most people think that Donald Trump could hire a bunch of mannequins to work for him and it wouldn’t make much difference in the way he thinks or acts. For the most part, let’s face it, that’s a fairly accurate assumption.

Enter Hope Hicks.

Wikipedia states that Hope is an “American communications and public relations consultant and former model who is the current White House Communications Director for President Donald Trump.” Her Wiki goes on to add the following:

From January to September 2017, she served as White House Director of Strategic Communications, a role created for her. She previously served as the press secretary and early communications director for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, as well as the national press secretary for his presidential transition team,[2][3] and before that was an employee of The Trump Organization. She is Trump’s longest-serving political aide.

The 29-year-old came into her current position following Anthony Scaramucci‘s brief stint on the job. Previously I thought Hope was simply one of Scaramucci’s hot assistants and Donald Trump gave her the job mainly for superficial reasons, but this chick has been working her communications A-game for a while now with Team Trump—thanks mainly to her Ivanka Trump connection! I find it somewhat unbelievable that the Trump administration actually created a position of White House Director of Strategic Communications specifically for Hope. Then again, the fact that she’s traveling closely alongside Donald as he maneuvers through Asia should force us to give the former model the benefit of the doubt.

We’re not sure how much work Hope has on her plate while working for such an overpowering public figure like Donald Trump, but she’s certainly enjoying making fashion statements. She apparently wore a lady-tux to a dinner in Japan and Donald Trump tweeted out a photo earlier today of Hope rocking an 80s-inspired turtleneck, complete with poofy shoulder! She’s standing next to Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy Stephen Miller, who, believe it or not, is only 32 himself!

Here’s another photo of Hope working her style at an event in South Korea on Wednesday:
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Another photo from the dinner in Japan earlier in the week:
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  • Lenilovesfeet

    Not an ugly woman, but I don’t believe she’s 29. More like 39.

    • Spanglylovesheels

      but will she 69? That is the question. lol

  • Curvefan+
  • enon

    that sk phoro — kelly looks like he’s taking names; hicks looks like she’s waiting for a chance to push melania down af1 steps.

  • Drew Mcfriend

    I’m sure she’ll be accusing Trump or one of the nerds on his staff of sexual harassment in the near future.

    She is NOT hot, btw.

    • Spanglylovesheels

      I think she has sexual harassment written all over her. Donny has put a temptress awfully close by. Melania was probably pissed. He would never try to grab a piece of Sarah (who would?!) or Kellyanne (and get bit like a dog!) but all this constant pressure and frustration might convince him he needs a treat sometime.

    • bigref

      Doubtful. Accusers generally resemble the a mare’s behind. Like Hillary.

  • bigref

    I love all the libs commenting here with overtly sexist and misogynistic quips. The behavior they are constantly accusing Trump supporters of displaying, usually falsely, of making. Where are the PC when you need them?

  • GovernmentCheese4u

    She looks like double agent in a james bond movie with that tuxedo