Oddly Sexy Styles by Imitation of Christ

Imitation of Christ
Imitation of Christ, Spring 2005 Collection, NYC

I know I might go to hell for saying this, but eventhough these styles have a Biblical touch, they are undoubtedly sexy. Am I wrong? I don’t know even if these rags qualify as swinsuits, but I dig it. What you guys think? By the way, this is in the running for my Summer, 2005 swimsuit contest.

Reason for entry: Quick access to all body parts.
And…yes, I’m a bastard!

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I wonder how much somethign like this costs...if an LV towel can run for $1200, then I think this could easly for 2 grand. (extra for the bragging rights, of course)


well, you know i'm a horny bastard so anything that shows skin and easily rip-offable gets my vote...

i'm trying to figure out how to find some nipples popping through those cloths....

...a big updraft of wind would've been really cool