Kurt Cobain Lost His Wallet Many Times

A manic depressive on smack floating in a warm deprevation tank, singing leonard cohen, masturbating, watching golfers fish while dreaming of A stamp collection.

The king of words is: EVERYthing

I can only fuck and sing.
Have you ever felt like you cared so much that you wanted kill your Germs?

Who will be the king and Queen of the outcasts?

I’ve lost my MIND many times, and my
wallet many more.
In the simplest of terms:

1. Dont Rape
2. Dont be predjudice
3. Dont be sexist
4. Love your children
5. Love your Neighbor
6. Love yourself

Don’t let your opinions obstruct
the aforementioned list. [pg 104, Kurt Cobain Journals]

After listening to all the hate splurting out on another post, I figured I’d let the man himself respond. Remember, we hear at the bastardly are about love. If you’re hot, we love you a little more!