• jaimw

    Finest. I mean finest thing in Hollywood. BAr none, heads and asses above no other. Justin is one lucky dude. I’d be so far up that- they’d have to send the people from the movie :the descent” to get me out. Thta girl just plain gorgeous. That ass oh that ass.

  • Chris

    The only thing that truly comes to mind is the fact that she’s without a doubt PHENOMENALLY BEAUTIFUL, and being an actor myself-I’d cherish the thought of working with her…

  • tom

    o my lord if i saw her in pic 1 in real life i’d probably jizz my pants. god thats a nice ass

  • Jefri

    I am in love with Jessica’s ass!!! I want to fuck her so much!!!

  • bardwilliams

    Considering the fact that white women normally dont have ass at all,i think jessica biels butt is spectacular for a white woman.About wearing a pad,i doubt.I just wish i was justing,wonder how he screws that butt,i know i can grind,way better than him.

  • santa

    Jessica Biel’s ass is incredible. I love how her ass jiggles a little bit in the Chuck & Larry movie. There are so many sorry looking asses in Hollywood, but JB is one of the good ones! Her ass is perfect for pinching a nice big loaf.

  • The Duder

    Ive just broke into a sweat just looking at these pics.

  • ja3far

    i want to bang her so hard so she wont feel those cheeks flaping anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Ed


  • dave

    now that is a nice ass!

  • Mike Litoris


  • mycocksmellslikeshit

    Funny how someone mentioned the other hot assed Jessica (Ms. Alba). They do have a lot in common. Both have limited acting skill, they star in movies that mostly suck and they are the proud possessors of 2 of Hollywood’s most wanted butts! How fucking hot it would be to have them on their hands and knees then take my cock and take turns sodomizing both in the shithole ’til i cum like a volcano up whichever Jessica’s pooper is hotter! Then the other one can suck my stinky jizz out and gargle with it!

  • kevin888

    That ass is amazing just so fuckable! Best ive seen although eva longoria’s is a close second. I’d like them both

  • big

    my #2192188098

  • dickspitz

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  • Damon smalls

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  • DikHead

    I would lick her unwashed anus.

  • Freep

    Jackson, you should use the word ludicrous more often

  • Nookies

    I bet you every guy thats ever banged her made doggy style their primary position.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Ha, +69,224

  • Carla

    I’d like to see that ass from about an inch away ;P

  • AM

    Just put your cock in that crack of Biel’s Butt and I am sure she will take out the cum from anybody’s balls I swear! Even Gods will cum in that fabulous canal of Biel’s anus.

  • Johnnyboy1

    Looks best in a dress, and a profile shot, but some pictures it looks shit. I would not say it’s the best ass in the world.

  • Skelleytor

    I personally think it’s the nicest ass in the world. Look up her bikini pics and you’ll agree.