Super Sexy Candice Swanepoel @ MET’s Costume Institute Gala

God…who the hell doesn’t love this chick?

And the Wiki says…

Candice Swanepoel (born October 20 1988) is a South African model. She is the first South African to work for Victoria’s Secret.

Swanepoel was born in Mooi River, KwaZulu-Natal, and was spotted by a model scout in a Durban flea market at age 15.[2] By age 16, Swanepoel was earning 5,000 Euros or R40,000 for a day’s work.[2] Swanepoel has appeared on the cover of the Greek edition of Vogue,[3] in advertisements for Nike,[3] and walked the catwalk for Tommy Hilfiger,[3] Victoria’s Secret[1] and Diane von Furstenberg. [Wiki]

  • junglegirl

    she looks very cheap and skanky ever since the blonde hair

  • Moelicious

    cheap & skanky?!!?

    NOT COOL!!

  • neo geisha

    both men look gay

  • pstroyer

    She does look skanky. Just like junglegirl.

  • concubine

    better with dark hair

    looks like Heather from Rock Of Love here

    usually petty though

  • Billy Whizz

    I wonder what it feels like to go to an event like this, with all of the celebrities and actors and musicians, and be the most desired and lusted after person in the whole room. Because looking at these pictures of Candice, I can’t believe there was anyone else at this event who looked as hot as she did. I mean, she looks FUCKING HOTTTTTTT. As in, End of the World Hot, Kill Your Wife Hot. Looking at her face is giving me a hard-on, and that never happens.

  • Billy Whizz

    And Heather from Rock of Love 1 is a stone cold fox.


    IN PIC TWO SHE LOOKS LIKE KHLOE KARDASHIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missy

    She’s pretty, but I liked the darker hair better.

  • chris

    NAAAH. she’s normally beautiful, but she looks like a cheap whore in this one.

  • d55

    clearly, i broke your fucking heart…this is the bastardly…if i find a bitch ugly, i will say it…if a bitch has flaws, i will point them out…do you even know what site you’re on BUT get this: i never ever made fun of a bitch who has posted her own pic on this site unless she attacked me first…pam was the one who started shit with me when i posted a pic of me to show someone on this site…she hadnt her pic up back then…i will talk shit about a bitch that talked shit about me in the past once i see her pic…so get your straight and if you dont find me good looking, guess what? i dont give a fuck cuz i see myself in the mirror everyday and can see what i look like…and from what i can see, it’s damn beautiful…i see people obsessing over chicks that i find absolutely ugly or below average but thats their taste and if thats what does it for them, it’s none of my business…but do remember that I will make fun of you once i see a pic of you…because right now, as of now, thats just your jealousy speaking right there as all you do is talk but no pic to back yourself up 🙂

  • Buck Nasty

    Those guys are gayer than eight guys blowing nine guys.

  • omega

    Love the eyes, hair, and her accent!
    Go Candice!

  • Emily

    holy shit… she’s only 20

  • Anon1

    Actually she is 19, 20 in October, she is perfect for VS.

    I also thinks she looks more seductive with her natural color, but definitely also looks good as a blond, here she is in a candid with a red wig:

  • cindylou

    i love her hips. she’s quite a beauty

  • One comment to end them all

    Oooh Candice! Perfection!

  • Lambo59

    Those eyes drives a man crazy, feet are ok too. “I hit that ass like Barry Bonds hits a baseball hard” Hell those eyes make me hiiit it extra hard.

  • X marks the spot

    # 3 is a jealous cunt. candice sure as hell is better looking than you. have you looked in the mirror and seen your ugly face? and WTF, candice’s face is “swollen”? LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR, BITCH!! you have a fat fucking “swollen” face and you look like an ugly chipmunk. thats the only reason you are so obsessed with adriana lima because she has a fat fucking face too and youre delusional and think you look like her!! and since you “look like her”, she MUST be beautiful because youre beautiful, right??? wrong!! conceited delusional jealous bitch!!

  • biteme

    lips do look funny i dont know if they are too big or too pale but something is off with them

  • pstroyer


    Come on.

    Candice 19yo looks like a dirty tramp next to Adriana 19yo

    Doutzen Kroes is going to be the next big thing for VS. Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel are second rank stuff.

    Mark my words.

  • Alex

    Represent South Africa, baby! WOOOOT!

    She’s gorgeous in a trampy sort of way.

  • X marks the spot

    I never denied Adriana Lima being physically attractive. I think she’s pretty but it’s a FACT that she has a fat face. i didn’t call adriana ugly, i called d55 ugly. and no i didn’t say d55 looks like adriana, i said d55 is delusional and THINKS she looks like adriana and that is why she is so obsessed with her. d55 is a fucking judgmental hypocrite though. She once said Candice has a short neck, umm adriana limas neck isnt any longer. She says almost everyone has a big and ugly nose (even people who have better noses than lima) yet she never complains about limas nose. my comment wasnt meant to bash adriana lima, it was to bash d55.
    d55 attacks people on this site solely for having a different opinion and calls EVERYONE ugly and points out their “flaws” yet when someone else does it, she gives them shit for it. she thinks shes the only one whos allowed to have an opinion and thinks that everything seen through her eyes is right and if anyone sees it any differently theyre jealous or who knows what other ridiculous things she may accuse them of being.

    and pstroyer, thats your opinion. i still like candice more. freedom of speech, freedom of having your own opinion, agree to disagree.

  • Arion

    d55 was very mean to pam, also. It’s like she hated her as much as she hates herself!! d55, stop describing people like yourself, it makes no sense.

  • Razer Rick

    Gotta go with pstroyer on this one.

  • pstroyer

    btw. maybe Adriana is more like 21 in that pic I posted. I don’t remember. I mix things up sometimes.