Breaking News! Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom are in Spain!

Props to VSFAN for the lead!


  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    the shape of her face.. like my grandfather when he had his teeth out


  • Lauren007

    Her blue eyes are so brilliant, even from far away. Does anyone know what ethnicity she is?

  • gwen

    Orlando is hot
    Miranda is cute
    They are a cute couple

  • jamieson


    and Bloom really needs to do something with his hair

  • davige101

    what a beauty.

  • EvilSamurai


  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    she looks better with cloths on. her ass looks meager on page 3….

  • Auntie Krist

    Fungus on Bloom #9. Desenex it homo!

  • omega

    She has flawless skin, a beautiful face, and a sexy accent.

    Always funny and friendly.

  • krosss

    I don’t like her face too childish looking but great body especially the legs.

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    LEGS LEGS LEGS!!! good job out of you mr orlando bloom

  • concubine

    As beautiful as she is it seems like she’s a liar just from various interviews

  • biene444

    “her ass looks meager on page 3….”

    which ass…??? Has she one…??? Too thin that girl…no curves, no bust…only nice eyes…

  • Blickerfield93277

    orlando bloom? whoa! that dude is handsome and hot for ladies! miranda is cute!

  • biene444

    What do you think, how long they gonny stay together…? Is it really serious this time…?

    She has nice eyes (specially with make-up), but she is too thin, that is not sexy any more!!! And she looks like 18…Orlando needs another girl, a girl who cares about him. And he needs a haircur!!! Very often he looks like a homeless…and he does not seem to be very happy. On the most pictures Miranda is smiling (for the paps) and he looks just pissed…

    Sorry for my englisch, I am not a native speaker.

  • baciami_ala_mode

    Her face will colapse inward as she ages… She already looks toothless… the shape of her face.. like my grandfather when he had his teeth out… but aside from that she’s kind of cute

  • Lili

    She’s flawless.

  • d_jologs

    wtf @pic10-11




  • lily

    she’s so beautiful and delicate she looks like a ballerina

  • Rhonda

    Picking his feet by the pool. Classy. He hasn’t looked good since Lord of the Rings. His hair looks stupid and he looks like a dork.

    She’s not so great looking in these pics, either. I agree with whoever said she looks better with clothes on.

  • Danny44

    Orlando gets more pussy than the SPCA…

  • Peetee

    Curse you Bloom. Curse you hard.

  • Shaun

    1. She looks better with clothes on.

    2. She has the face of a chipmunk.

    3. Something’s very wrong with the thumb on her right foot.

    4. She doesn’t have any tits or ass. Orlando must be gay.

  • chanelle

    she has the sence to date a hot english lad

  • Smacky

    Damn, I’m better looking than Bloom