• Thick Thighs

    Damn, bitch has some thick thighs. Mmmmmm.

  • d55

    definitely agree

  • Phillip McCracken

    apparently they are working on getting a movie made…

  • Boz

    Dax’s HOT.

  • Sierra Locklear

    Her body reminds me of Doutzen Kroes, (what with her non-existent boobs) although Doutzen is actually in SHAPE.

  • Dr Nick Riviera

    This ugly bitch better buy some tits.

  • lerch

    Hmmmm Kristen is lovely and I bet she shaves her cooch

  • Tarris Mahindeur7314

    Her ass is so sexy tight.

  • 3890

    Alina Maria doesn’t like Kristen Bell because of Kristen’s horrible acne and back hair, and I have to agree. I mean, look at her! She’s going to have pockmarks on her face and she really needs to wax her shoulders and torso.

  • skilligan

    i like her ass, but something is odd there

  • Nip It Nip It Nip It

    Dax is a fruitcake. Look at the title of the book he’s reading: “Manhunt”. Foreshadowing, much?

    And…she has stumpy legs but she’s pretty cute.

  • AlinaMaria



  • Angus

    OMG she is so perfect.
    I can’t believe she dates that douchebag Dax.

  • ted

    her bottom half looks thicker and juicier than usual. she’s got a round, sexy ass.

  • Some Guy

    Goddamn . . . this day went from good to great.

    I’ll be in my room.

    No calls.

  • Sierra Locklear

    what are you some horny teenager lol

  • Mr. Slave

    David Carradine could have learned a thing or two from me and Kristen. When we do autoerotic asphyxiation, Kristen wraps her muscular legs around my neck and I beat off with the one free hand she allows me. If my hand stops moving, she knows that she has gone too far and eases up. Or not. It depends on her mood.


  • Phillip McCracken

    i can tell u this, im NOT a horny teenager, but Kristen Bell makes me rememeber and feel like i am once again…

  • FallenRawToast

    I’v always thought she was a cutie.

    These pics just confirm that.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    oh, i didn’t notice, i really liking her ass so nice.

  • She’s skinny-fat


  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    she got some nice body there, “looking strong”=yes I agree here

  • she looks very

    attainable. that is why she is popular. she is mediocre so she does not inspire jealously like the other girls featured on this site. and it is easier for guys to imagine being with her than a supermodel.

  • The Devil

    Bring back Veronica Mars!!!!

  • Sierra Locklear

    Umm Kristen Bell is not hot. She is average looking for regular people and by Hollywood standards she is ugly.Yea she has had some cool roles but her face makes her look like a mutant.

    And to say she has a nice body is a stretch. She has absolutely no chest and her legs are quite stumpy. Can you say cankles???

  • Nicew

    She doesn’t wear makeup to the beach like that fat porno bitch Kardashian. Also she shows her athletic muscular ass and thighs — meaning she works out to keep that body in shape.

    This one’s a keeper folks — won’t pork out after marriage or kids.

  • Rhonda

    She’s such a pretty girl. Great figure and beautiful legs. I agree with AlinaMaria that she looks strong but not mannish.

  • labialover

    i would love to taste that girls labia, and my god those little titties…fuck me!!!

  • b-cappi

    She doesn’t look too happy with this BF of hers….

  • fuckoff

    Awe someone is jealous…go into a corner and cut yourself please. Make things better for your family. I would say friends also but you clearly don’t have any. All you do is sit in your room and bash beautiful women because i assume your a ugly fat bitch. Don’t you have an eharmony profile to work on bitch?

  • hula

    nice change from the usual.. no make up, no fake tan, no poses, athletic body

  • Danny44

    Dax Shepard must be sending checks to Ashton Kutcher every month for the pieces of ass that he gets now… Hey Kelso put me in on Punk’d

  • d_jologs

    love the glasses and that sexy tight ass

  • Beach Bum

    No breast implants, nothing fake…

  • sandra

    well said! However I think she looks special as well and she really has had some cool roles

  • If you are going to…

    …speculate on another person’s social life, you should probably not do it at a message board on a Saturday Night.

  • Phillip McCracken



    Fuck off you little shit.
    Saturday can be boring sometimes

  • zamtie2

    She has such pretty feet, wish they were shown here.