2011 NFL Season: Week 8 Preview

Lingering comments, questions and concerns from week 7

-Oh yes, it’s everyone’s favorite topic of the week: Tim Tebow! I usually try to keep my opinion neutral when it comes to Tebow but it’s hard to deny the magic that does on the field. The question is: What do you take more from? The first three quarters of horrendous quarterbacking (is that a word?) OR do you just go with the final minutes where he somehow led his team to a miraculous comeback? I’ll be more of a realist and say that the Dolphins pretty much took themselves out of that game.

-How about that absolute BEAT DOWN the Saints gave the Colts? I think you could tell the game was over after the first snap. Quick question: If the Saints and Rams face on a neutral field, who wins? I’d probably lean Colts on that one. At least the Colts can somewhat score. The Rams are one of five teams this season that haven’t scored 100 points yet. That’s pretty bad.

-Am I the only one that saw the Carson Palmer trade being a disaster? Ok he might eventually establish some offensive rhythm and it wasn’t his fault he was thrown into a game after being on a team for 72 hours. Speaking of the AFC west, who knew that this week’s Chargers-Chiefs game would be for the division lead? I thought the Chiefs were done after those injuries they suffered earlier this season. Consider myself proven wrong.

Games get better as the day goes on this week:

Sunday 10/30
1:00 ET
Colts AT Titans (-8.5)
Jaguars AT Texans (-9)
Vikings AT Panthers (-3.5)
Saints (-13.5) AT Rams
Cardinals AT Ravens (-12.5)
Dolphins AT Giants (-9.5)

4:15 ET
Redskins AT Bills (-5.5) *In Harry’s hood Toronto
Lions (-3) AT Broncos
Patriots (-3) AT Steelers
Browns AT 49ers (-8.5)
Bengals (-3) AT Seahawks

8:30 ET
Cowboys AT Eagles (-3)

Monday 10/31 Happy Halloween!
8:35 ET
Chargers (-4) AT Chiefs

*Teams in their BYE week: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, Oakland, NY Jets and Tampa Bay

Game of the week
-New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers-
Has there ever been a more obvious choice for game of the week? Tom Brady has made himself VERY comfortable going into Pittsburgh. He’s gone 6-1 overall in Heinz field; including winning his last four visits. Normally I’d favor the Patriots pretty easily for that reason alone BUT this season the Steelers’ pass defense has been superb, only allowing just over 170 yards/game. The Steelers defense is going to need to keep Brady and his weapons limited in order for Roethlisberger and his weapons to keep up. I’m leaning Patriots but I think this game is going to live up to the hype.

Upset pick of the week
-Minnesota Vikings over Carolina Panthers-
I thought the Vikings looked good last week and caught the Packers by surprise. Adrian Peterson looks like he’s getting into his best running back form and the Panthers have a terrible run defense. The Panthers have an explosive offense but I think if the Vikings can establish Peterson’s running game early, then they can limit the time Cam Newton is on the field. The Vikings have a solid running defense that can slow down the Panthers’ combo of Williams and Stewart. I like the Vikings to surprise some people this weekend.

Close call of the week
-Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles-
I haven’t been this excited for a football game in a LONG time. I dislike all NFC East teams equally but for some reason I love when my Cowboys visit the Eagles on a Sunday night. The Eagles have been perfect after their bye week under Andy Reid and the Cowboys are looking to keep momentum going after last week’s dominating win over the Rams. The Cowboys have the league’s best running defense but the Eagles running game isn’t very conventional with McCoy and Vick. I think whichever team limits the other team’s big plays wins the game.

STONE COLD Steve Austin LOCK of the week
-New Orleans Saints over St. Louis Rams-
Did you see what the Saints did to the Colts last Sunday night? Yes, they scored 62 points and now they’re going against a team that hasn’t scored 62 all season. I don’t think it’s going to be THAT bad but I have no reason to believe that the Rams aren’t terrible. The Saints have keep establishing themselves as an elite NFC teams with another dominating win over an inferior opponent. I just hope they aren’t looking ahead to next week’s revenge game against the Bucs. Oh yeah, I’m also picking on a St. Louis team because of what happened last night in the World Series. Go Rangers.


Forgot to comment in here before the weekend. I think anytime your stone cold lock hasn't involved the Packers, it's been pretty bad. Nice job homering the Cowboys again heh.


[STONE COLD Steve Austin LOCK of the week

-New Orleans Saints over St. Louis Rams-]


See the Dolphins did great again today


Damn Bowser.

0 for 2

Always the brides maid but never the bride LOL

Super Secret
Super Secret

All I have to say is Cardinals World Series Champions!