Rome: Penelope Cruz & Saadet Aksoy @ “Venuto al Mondo” Premiere

Penelope Cruz, Saadet Aksoy

Penelope Cruz and Saadet Aksoy star along with Emile Hirsch in the Italian film Venuto al Mondo (Twice Born), based on the novel by Margaret Mazzantini. After premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film made its Italian premiere in Rome. No word on a US release date but atleast we can provide you the trailer to view below…

Gemma (Penélope Cruz) visits Sarajevo with her son, Pietro (Pietro Castellitto). The two of them had escaped the city sixteen years ago while the boy’s father, Diego (Emile Hirsch) remained behind and later died. As she tries to repair her relationship with Pietro, Gemma is forced by revelations to face loss, the cost of war and the redemptive power of love. [Wiki]