Topless Megan Fox Pictures From “Jennifer’s Body” Set

It appears as if the studio is doing some early marketing to get the Internet Horndogg Community buzzing about Jennifer’s Body.

Just in case you need another reason to see this movie, here’s a brief overview:

Jennifer’s Body is an upcoming dark comedy and horror film written by Diablo Cody. The film, described as similar in tone to Heathers,[1] will be directed by Karyn Kusama, and will star Megan Fox as the title character and Amanda Seyfried as her best friend Needy. The film follows Jennifer (Fox), a cheerleader possessed by a demon who begins feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. It is then up to her “plain Jane” best friend Needy (Seyfried) to kill Jennifer, escape from a correctional facility and go after lead singer Nikolai and the Satan-worshiping rock band responsible for the transformation. Jennifer’s Body has an estimated release date in 2009. [Wiki]

  • davige101

    nice, but her nips look weird. is that makeup or something?

  • concubine
  • ed owens

    The decision to get those tattoos is looking better all the time.

  • Cathy

    D55 my friend’s boobs look the same as her and in tops her boobs look saggy and flat…but that doesnt mean she doesn’t have a lot of breast tissue..she is using those transparent tapes that lift the breast a bit so if you have breast tissue, the “after” effect is like a breast lift which gives more volume to the breast but volume she already had…

    Plus she might be on some birth control or natural pills, they can give a boost…

  • Honey

    implants…whats that mark on her stomach?

  • Shaggy

    It´s a dream come true!

    I love these white girls bodys, i want suck those boobs right now! (but i´ll have to wait until i get home and close my eyes. Too sad)

  • vanos28

    she has makeup on with natural efect. its clear if you look at her eyes. also her boobs look bigger she might had the natural shape boob job.
    you know because we are trying to find out how celebs look like without makeup they had to protect themselves so they inveted the natural efect makeup. this means that they have full makeup on but it looks like they dont have any makeup at all. its more difficult to do and takes longer than the makeup that we see on the telly (this said a makeup artist friend)for example they use 2 different colors of makeup in order to make a fat nose look smaller or a fat face to look like it has angles. its an eye trick- what is lighter comes forward and what is darker goes back.

  • jennyla

    Omg who the fuck gives a shit if she’s wearing makeup or not? and she did not have a fucking boob job! Her breast look like a perky large b cup to small c cup.

  • JonYo

    Boobs often look a bit bigger in the forward direction if they’re “flying free” so to speak…

    She’s attractive and all, but the movie description says Amanda Seyfried plays her “plain Jane” friend? WTF? Amanda Seyfried is definitely hotter than Megan Fox in my eyes…

  • Kenny Lingis

    shes kind of out of shape. her body is nothing special. not hot

  • Stone Cold

    They still gonna have some photoshop to do to get the rest of the tattoo’s off her, but I’m sure she’ll come out fine. She does have a bangin’ body. I’d give her a ride.

    And thats the bottom line…..

  • Weenieroast

    They don’t really look like implants to me, but I don’t remember what they used to look like. Either way, she looks better here without the normal 5434 layers of makeup.

  • One comment to end them all

    Meh on the tits. I was expecting better from this whore.

  • Gingerbread

    Although she still has make up on (waterproof, anyone?) she looks good here, which is surprising considering the caked on make up she usually has on her face.
    I know you bastards could care less about the plot of the movie, but that’s one stupid story if you ask me!

  • boblabla

    boob job or not, lets all just be happy that they’re here now. and i have to agree with JonYo, however beautiful Megan is i have to give the edge to Amanda, shes more healty looking than Megan. all in all…iam happy.

  • concubine

    in two years she’ll have a body like mischa barton

  • goinggaga

    holy hell, she is awesome. is that pussy on page 7? she should do a playboy spread and at least get paid. nice sexy body.

  • Treezy

    God bless! I almost fainted.

  • d_jologs

    camel toe in page 7?

  • Billy Whizz

    Those are gross fake tits. The BLOTD is hotter than this skank. How she has gotten to the position she is in right now I have no idea. She’s a porn star with pretentions, and she has done absolutely nothing to justify her the amount of attention she is getting other than looking pretty in Transformers. Big fucking deal. Next.

  • concubine

    um her tits used to be like tiny little pancakes

    I say boob job

  • salma

    Brazilian wax

  • Sexy Rexy

    BOOB JOB! Though a pretty good one, it has to be said. Shes also skinny fat. I find her boring and predictable. Next!

  • Tray-C

    Shady pictures…

  • PoeIsGone

    Very hot.
    Beautiful pale skin.

  • Jaclyn

    Her boobs look natural to me, but who knows?

  • jt90

    youre a fucking idiot

  • jeff

    you obviously don’t know what real tits look like, they are clearly real.

  • 8D

    Thts either a huge nipple on such a sexy girl or itsa nipple cover

  • WilliamBruceWilhite

    I don’t know if it was good for her career, but it was good for me.

  • EdvionHammond

    I say you can nude but Transformer 3 was to much exposer for you Huh Megan Fox? You two faced, oh well that other chick replace you look better then you I rather see her

  • Melines
  • DaniKhaos

    i wonder if people know she wasnt actually topless in this ok well ya she was but she had fake breast covers on her boobs cause she didnt want her actual breast showing look at behind the scene pics for it shes very modest person on nudity shes not scared to show her body she just wont show nudity only use silicone fake boobs on her

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