So Wait, Ashlee Simpson ALREADY Has A New Man in Her Life?!

Ashlee Simpson takes her son Bronx Wentz to the Lego store in New York City, where he emerges with a new toy and lots of goofy faces as they cross the street.

After breaking things off w/ “Boardwalk Empire” actor Vincent Piazza over Thanksgiving weekend, Ashlee Simpson is already cruising around w/ a new man. Maybe one of you bastards can help I.D. the guy.

Whoever he is, he’s apparently very comfortable around Ashlee’s son Bronx b/c he’s already using the “Sit-On-My-Shoulder” maneuver that dudes use when they want to show their new girlfriends that they would make a decent father figure. If this isn’t the new man in Ashlee’s life, then he’s definitely a gay friend that Ash confides in during difficult times. At the end of the day, does anybody actually give who’s banging Ashlee Simpson?