London: Maria Fowler Flaunts Her Post-Liposuction Body!! OW!!

Maria Fowler

So Maria Fowler got some work done and four weeks later was out on the town showing off her new figure. Maria had VASER liposuction done on her back, armpits, stomach, thighs, hips and under her ass. So basically she’s now a curvy size 8 and was happy to show off her bod in a light little dress that gets our vote of approval. Not saying that we’re all into the whole lipo thing but damn, in this case it was done well. We’ll see down the road if one arm or thigh ends up uneven or if this prompts Maria to go all Heidi Montag on the plastic surgery.


Liposuction means fats modeling. It is

basically designed for making body posture perfect. It is for those people who

are suffering from an addition of fats in their bodies. Now it is becoming more

famous among youth. As young generation is more concerned about their looks. Liposuction is very effective procedure but one must be

careful that after having surgery he/she should control weight. Liposuction

does not tighten the skin of the treated area. The skin gets fully tightened

after 5-6 months after surgery. The surgery may cause some swelling but it goes

away with the passage of time. Irritation and scarring is also very

common but patient should not worry about it as it goes away within 2-3 months.


she looks much better, she will look bad again if she keeps boozing it up but for now she is looking good


Not impeccable, but best I've seen of this one. If it's the result of lipo work, well then, I'm for it.