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The Hobbits Are Back: Fans and Critics Go Apesh*t

“A large international press contingent and others were the first to see the film at a screening Monday night, but were under a strict embargo that kept people from commenting on or reviewing the film before the end of the premiere.”[THR]

What has a sweltering hot winter sun, a hundred thousand fans, and one very important ring? The New Zealand premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which was held in Wellington on Wednesday afternoon.

Fans, critics, and even the cast and crew of The Hobbit saw the film for the first time at the famous Embassy Theater where press and critics were forbidden from commenting on the film until the premiere had officially concluded. If the early and very brief reviews (or “tweets”, really) are any indication, the next Peter Jackson trilogy will leave few disappointed: “Masterful”, “Perfection”, and “Brilliant” were some of the enthusiastic descriptions released on Twitter after the end of the film. One fan even went to so far as to proclaim: “I just saw and enjoyed the shit out of The Hobbit. It’s great.”

Stay tuned for the official Moejackson review when the movie releases in two weeks on December 14. Until then, enjoy the trailer below:

Here’s some footage from the premiere in New Zealand:

Killing Them Softly: Film Review

Visit the film’s official website!

Personally, I would blame The Godfather. Since it first released in 1972, gangster movies about the mafia and underworld dons have fascinated American film audiences with their glamorized visions of allegiance, big money, and absolute power. The fact that it is all built on a foundation of murder, revenge, and bloodlust is often swept under the rug in a fit of “well, it’s just a movie” dismissiveness. But man, do we love to see hordes of men in fancy suits get gunned down. Death in an Armani suit: what a way to go.

The latest “gangsters are cool” movie doesn’t star stalwarts like Pacino, De Niro, or the late great Marlon Brando. It stars Brad Pitt, who is generally fodder for historic dramas or action movies. What’s he doing in a movie like this? Turns out, not much…except maybe getting out of diaper duty.

The plot is pretty threadbare, even as revenge fantasies go. Pitt plays an “enforcer” who is called in to set things right when a group of small-time bad guys steal from a card game run by the mob. Pitt, doing his best attempt at being as badass as a Midwestern pretty boy pushing 50 can possibly do, spends most of the movie driving other bad guys around so that they can shoot at bad guys who already, magically happen to be at the wrong place at the right time. The baddies include well-known commodities in the gangster genre like James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, and Vincent Curatola. Just listing their names is enough to make me want a couple of cannoli.

What it isn’t is enough to sustain the movie. It’s pretentious without ever giving a nod to why it thinks it’s rooted in such tremendous pedigree. Why, we have Tony Soprano, you can hear the producers proudly cooing from their nests. Yes, you do. And good for you!

As the third Godfather proved, heavyset second generation Italians with an endless supply of bullets does not a great movie make.

Fashionable Ladies @ Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Launch Party

Karlie Kloss, Kate Bosworth, Leighton Meester, Shay Mitchell, Zoe Saldana

Pictured: Karlie Kloss, Kate Bosworth, Leighton Meester, Shay Mitchell, Zoe Saldana

The Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection features over 50 limited-edition accessories, home goods and fashions from top American designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Jason Wu, Tory Burch and more. For only today in NYC there’s a pop-up store where shoppers can purchase up to five items before they go on sale nationwide starting on December 1st. For more info and to check out the designers and see the collection, visit the Target + Neiman Marcus website.

SYDNEY: Taylor Swift & Others @ ARIA Music Awards Awards 2012

Taylor Swift, Rubi Rose, Rickilee Coulter

Pictured: Taylor Swift, Rubi Rose, & Rickilee Coulter

As we mentioned yesterday, Taylor Swift is currently promoting her latest album “Red” in Sydney. The promiscuous 22-year-old pop star hit the red carpet at the 26th Annual ARIA Music Awards Awards earlier today (it’s already 2AM Friday over there) along w/ a long list of local celebrities. Taylor performed “I Knew You Were Trouble” as one of the night’s many acts.

Just to give a taste of different names in pop music on the other side of the planet, here are big winners from the night:

NYC: Lindsay Lohan Arrested; Needs To Buy A New Mugshot Photo Album

If all things go smoothly at the police station, this incident will mark Lindsay Lohan’s sixth mugshot in just five years, so Lindsay should be thankful that she isn’t an African-American rapper b/c she would most certainly be locked away for at least five years by now. Not too many celebrities (I use the word very loosely, of course) can effectively use the legal system to pump up their fame, but judging by Lindsay Lohan’s track record, she’s becoming an expert. Just when you think she’s going to fade following a very shitty made-for-TV-film, BOOM, Lindsay’s back in the spotlight!

The freckled starlet was once again taken into custody after allegedly assaulting a women in a NYC club. The incident occurred at Club Avenue in Chelesa where the troubled 26-year-old got a little tipsy & ended up punching a chick (probably because the chick made fun of Lindsay’s role in her latest film “Liz & Dick”). She was taken into custody around 4 AM, so look for the new mugshot to hit the newswires later this afternoon.

Since we have so many mugs on hand, we might as well vote on the hottest one, right? Choose wisely…

Kelly Brook Brings The Morning Links!

Kelly Brook Squeezes Into A Tight Black DressPhoto Credit: Hollywood Tuna; Pictured: Kelly Brook Squeezes Into A Tight Black Dress

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Miranda Kerr Catwalks Outside The Footwear News Achievement Awards

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr took a break from mommy duty hitting up the 26th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards at MOMA in NYC. As usual, Miranda showed off her impeccable style that we’ve grown accustomed to, showing off those silky smooth sexy supermodel legs. As for the actual awards, we wouldn’t know where to start in recognizing the honorees but we can report that Tabitha Simmons won the Style Influencer of the Year Award, Stuart Weitzman for the Lifetime Achievement Award, Charlotte Olympia Dellal for the Designer of the Year Award, and Rebecca Minkoff for the Marketer of the Year Award. However, Miranda won the night, easily.

BAHAMAS: Suelyn Medeiros Bikini Body Is Definitely Built For Goodtimes!! OW!

Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros gets picked up in air and shows off her curves while kissing on beach with her boyfriend in the Bahamas. Suelyn looked a bit shocked as she was literally grabbed so hard on her bottom by her man as she smiled and straddled him with affection. The couple could not keep their hands off each other during their vacation in the Bahamas at the One & Only exclusive resort next to the Atlantis. Suelyn wore a very colorful bikini that was very fitting to her body shape.

After you check the photos, there’s very little you can say about this woman aside from the fact that any dude would kill for a test drive! God damn!

Brazil model Suelyn Medeiros was seen getting tossed around by her sugar daddy boyfriend while vacationing in the Bahamas. The bootiful bombshell was seen getting picked up by her big ‘ole booty by Mr. Lucky Bastard, but she merely smiled & straddled the guy in a show of freaky affection. For all you stalkers who’re currently in the Bahamas, look for these two at the One & Only exclusive resort located next to the famous Atlantis hotel. Note to all sugar daddies coming in for the swoop: Make sure you cruise up on shore in your luxury yacht b/c judging by the pics, it seems like Suelyn is really into her man. Considering she has dated the likes of 50 Cents & Chris Brown in the past, we’re pretty sure there’s a high entry fee for those of you bastards lookin’ for a taste…

Claudia Romani Back To Workin’ Her Bikini Body in Miami Beach

Italian glamour model Claudia Romani is seen talking on her blackberry wearing a mismatched bikini at the beach in Miami Beach, FL.

Beautiful Italian bombshell Claudia Romani was strutting her bikini body as she was spotted chatting away on her cellphone while working on her tan in Miami Beach earlier in the afternoon (November 28). As some of you might remember, Claudia used her heavenly bikini booty to help campaign for Obama’s victory for a second term as President earlier this month, so major props to her for that. It’s a pity more celebrities failed to follow suit (ehem-ehem-Jessica Alba-ehem-Eva Longoria-ehem-ehem!!) In case some of you missed them the first time around, check those pics here.

NYC: Scarlett Johansson Brings The Afternoon Links!

Scarlett Johansson is bundled up as she carries her bags into an office building in Midtown Manhattan

These were snapped earlier this afternoon as Scarlett Johansson looked bundled up as she carries her bags into an office building in Midtown Manhattan.

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