The Hobbits Are Back: Fans and Critics Go Apesh*t

“A large international press contingent and others were the first to see the film at a screening Monday night, but were under a strict embargo that kept people from commenting on or reviewing the film before the end of the premiere.”[THR]

What has a sweltering hot winter sun, a hundred thousand fans, and one very important ring? The New Zealand premiere of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which was held in Wellington on Wednesday afternoon.

Fans, critics, and even the cast and crew of The Hobbit saw the film for the first time at the famous Embassy Theater where press and critics were forbidden from commenting on the film until the premiere had officially concluded. If the early and very brief reviews (or “tweets”, really) are any indication, the next Peter Jackson trilogy will leave few disappointed: “Masterful”, “Perfection”, and “Brilliant” were some of the enthusiastic descriptions released on Twitter after the end of the film. One fan even went to so far as to proclaim: “I just saw and enjoyed the shit out of The Hobbit. It’s great.”

Stay tuned for the official Moejackson review when the movie releases in two weeks on December 14. Until then, enjoy the trailer below:

Here’s some footage from the premiere in New Zealand: