NYC: Lindsay Lohan Arrested; Needs To Buy A New Mugshot Photo Album

If all things go smoothly at the police station, this incident will mark Lindsay Lohan’s sixth mugshot in just five years, so Lindsay should be thankful that she isn’t an African-American rapper b/c she would most certainly be locked away for at least five years by now. Not too many celebrities (I use the word very loosely, of course) can effectively use the legal system to pump up their fame, but judging by Lindsay Lohan’s track record, she’s becoming an expert. Just when you think she’s going to fade following a very shitty made-for-TV-film, BOOM, Lindsay’s back in the spotlight!

The freckled starlet was once again taken into custody after allegedly assaulting a women in a NYC club. The incident occurred at Club Avenue in Chelesa where the troubled 26-year-old got a little tipsy & ended up punching a chick (probably because the chick made fun of Lindsay’s role in her latest film “Liz & Dick”). She was taken into custody around 4 AM, so look for the new mugshot to hit the newswires later this afternoon.

Since we have so many mugs on hand, we might as well vote on the hottest one, right? Choose wisely…