London: Camilla Belle @ Salvator Ferragamo Flagship Store Launch Party

Camilla Belle

So this is ancient news by now but Camilla Belle was also at the Salvator Ferragamo Flagship Store Launch Party in London. You know, the same one where we saw the rare phenomenon of Jessica Alba actually smiling. Anyways, as for Camilla, according to her Wiki page, she’s got a bunch of projects lined up for 2013 which includes Bangkok Love Story and Love Is All You Need. Given that her last appearance in the theaters was the From Prada To Nada you can only assume that Camilla will have a little bounce back.

  • Beauty plus class, what more can a guy ask for..owww.

    • xenia

      Mundolopez smaller ears?!

      • MoeJackson

        HA! I was gonna comment on exactly that! 
        But god damn, never really noticed those things before! Maybe that’s why she has trouble getting better gigs?

      • bryanzee

        Cannot unsee

  • bryanzee

    lol she’s dating Tebow…..faiil

    • MoeJackson

      bryanzee What does that say about her freakiness behind closed doors? I hear the some ultra-conservatives are real freaks…

  • skilligan

    she is gorgeous, she pulls off the look many prudes attempt

  • errsome


  • Camilla sorta reminds me of an older version Victoria Justice..except for the ears of course