Bradley Cooper Is Living His Dream


“This is the dream, of course, to be able to make movies with people like this. And, in terms of the recognition, it’s a wonderful feeling.”[THR

Things are going well for Bradley Cooper. Actually, they’re going a little too well, thanks to the slew of box office successes he’s enjoyed in recent years and now critical acclaim being heaped upon his latest release, Silver Linings Playbook. Check out the terrific and insightful new profile of his career and history as an actor from The Hollywood Reporter which chronicles his path to success.

An interesting tidbit: “Cooper never struggled to find work. Before he even finished at the Actors Studio, he had booked a pilot, albeit one that wasn’t ultimately picked up. His first part in a project that did come to fruition was Jake, “the downtown smoker,” opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in a 1999 episode of Sex and the City. And the part that first put on a lot of people’s radar came just two years after that, when he began a three-year run as Will Tippin, a friend of Jennifer Garner’s character on ABC’s Alias. For that series, he relocated from New York to Los Angeles, which he says also afforded him the opportunity to audition for many other interesting projects.”