Brazilian Rebecca Da Costa Films ‘Motel’ In NYC

Brazilian actress Rebecca Da Costa sports a cut on her forehead as she films scenes for 'Motel' in New York City

Rebecca Da Costa caught our eye earlier today when she was spotted filming scenes on the set of “Motel” in NYC. Don’t know whether this is a new TV series or an upcoming film, but whatever the case, Rebecca had a large gash on her forehead and just looked really sexy on set (not that we’re into battered women or anything kinky like that). She hasn’t gotten much love in various polls in previous posts, so we hope you bastards show her some love this time around…

We’ve included a few additional photos of Rebecca from over the years for those of you who like what you see.

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  • skilligan

    i feel like she has a big head

    • latinamarina79

      skilligan I feel like you’ve got small eyes.

  • curvefan

    That face doesn’t do it for me.

  • AngelinasSmile

    Are you kidding? This is the sweetest smile out there. Stunning, gorgeous female.

  • blackjackie

    I SAW HER!!!! I Saw her filming! She is very tall and BEAUTIFUL in person. Cant wait to see the movie.

  • LondoLozi

    Wow  – she is stunning  – I can’t wait to see this movie

  • Filmgeek9

    Seriously sexy! Tall, beautiful body and face. What more can a guy ask for. Just checked and there seems to be some online buzz about this movie. ….with her, I’m interested!!

  • BoxerBoy

    HOT HOT HOT – OMG totally sexy !

  • latinamarina79


  • notyet48

    She looks like a superhero.

  • Yups_sir

    VA VA VOOM! Hot and sexy.  Looking forward to seeing the movie she is in!

  • Deebsong

    Totally beautiful woman!  Does anyone know when this movie comes out?  I am very anxious to see her in it.