L.A.: Victoria Justice Stole The Show @ LoveGold’s Cocktail Party

LoveGold Celebrates Fred Leighton, Los Angeles

Looks like somebody snuck out of the house while her mom was busy making dinner in the kitchen! The beautiful Nickelodeon starlet Victoria Justice was seen at LoveGold’s celebration of jeweler Fred Leighton cocktail party last night held at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. It’s a pity Harmony Korine couldn’t convince Victoria’s parents to let their daughter star in his upcoming “Spring Breakers” film. I’m sure it would’ve done wonders for her career as she slowly gets ready to transition from kiddy roles to older roles. If Victoria waits too long, she’ll miss the train & then will have to resort to extreme measures down the road (i.e. risque photos on FB & Twitter, leaked nude pics from cell phone or God forbid, a sex tape), so it’s definitely in her best interest to start the transition early.

As for LoveGold, they seem like a luxury jewelry stalking site. According to their official website, which doesn’t fully launch until the spring, their intentions are very clear: “We seek out the world’s most beautiful gold jewellery, the designers creating it and the people wearing it.”

Other attendees included Victoria’s 16-year-old sister Madison, who celebrates her 17th birthday sometime this May. Sanaa Lathan was Sanaa Lathan was also a standout for a couple delicious reasons, as well as Andie MacDowell’s hot daughter Rainey Qualley, who looked really sexy.

Sanaa Lathan and Kathleen Robertson; Victoria & Madison Justice & Rainey Qualley

Pictured: Sanaa Lathan and Kathleen Robertson; Victoria & Madison Justice & Rainey Qualley