Vanity Fair Oscars Party: Possibly Newly Single Irina Shayk Looked Amazing

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Was this hotter than Miranda Kerr? That’s debatable. Hotter than Heidi Klum’s plunging “TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU TONIGHT”! dress? No question abou tit!

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t accompany Irina Shayk to last night’s Vanity Fair Oscars Party, we’re gonna assume that they both had a really big fight and as a result, Irina’s officially single! There should be a worldwide ‘Three Strikes’ rule for sugar daddies who bag really hot chicks & then don’t do anything with them in public for one reason or another.

Sure Irina might want to hit certain events by herself (S.I. Swimsuit parties, for example), but when hitting up Oscar after-parties in Los Angeles, you’d think Cristiano would play it safe & be closer than usual to his woman, especially when you consider the fact that all men in Hollywood turn into hungry wolves following the Oscars. Who knows, maybe Jim Carrey swooped in w/ his hobbit feet?

  • skilligan

    i wonder if she realizes how genetically better looking she is than almost everyone else ever born

    • vamp

      skilligan im sure she does, but its called humility.

  • hoboyobo

    That makeup is scaring the shit out of me; outstanding from the neck down however.

  • johnconnor777

    Elite body! damn you Cristiano!

  • Larry Sanders


  • vamp


  • Considering Real Madrid/Barcelona is the biggest baddest rivalry currently and they play not only tomorrow, but also Saturday. CR would be disowned if he didn’t play both. BTW, set your DVR’s for tomorrow.

    • Bozz

      Gabbo I was gonna say that too. Interesting to see if Madrid can take the momentum after Barca surprisingly getting kicked in the ass by Milan and Balotelli wasn’t even playing in that game.

      • johnconnor777

        Bozz Gabbo Cristiano did it again and is going to tap Irina’s ass tonight to celebrate… hala Madrid!

        • Bozz

          johnconnor777 Bozz Gabbo didn’t know we have another Madridista beside Bowser here! I didn’t watch the game but I heard from my friend that Barca got owned real bad and they were playing in Nou Camp too. lol, holy shit, is this the end of their domination? I hope so.

        • Bozz johnconnor777 Tikitaka doesn’t work on teams that concentrate on playing real defense. CR and Real Madrid will probably roll this weekend too. Barca will rest players to get ready for Man U next week.

        • Bozz

          Gabbo Bozz johnconnor777 You meant Madrid not Barca, right? haha. I can’t wait to see CL’s 2nd leg in Old Trafford. It’s 50-50, they have Ronaldo and Ozil, while United have RvP and Rooney, also Vidic is back so our defense is getting stronger too. Should be a very interesting match.

        • johnconnor777

          Bozz johnconnor777 Gabbo just FYI, I am actually from Madrid for real. I live in Dallas but was born and raised in Madrid, my parents and grandparents are all from Madrid and my grandpa, RIP, had a membership from Real Madrid… so I am not like one of these folks that just pick up a team for no reason, I have always been and will always be a proud Madridista… hala Madrid!

        • Bozz Gabbo johnconnor777 Oh, right on. RM plays Man U, not Barca. Thanks.

        • Bozz Gabbo johnconnor777 Madrid wins 2-1. Boz let’s make a bet. You’re not down.

        • Bozz

          Bowser United win 2-1, that’s my bet.

        • Bozz

          johnconnor777 wow, that’s awesome, johnconnor!